Urumuri’s Efforts to Ease Access to Information on Development and Social Justice

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Imagine what the world would be without libraries? Libraries are so crucial when it comes to information and knowledge. Without libraries, we may never have traced histories of our past or learn about inventions that happened in the past. Everything would have been forgotten. Libraries stores information thus we can pass from one generation to the next generation. Without libraries we be doomed and non-informed citizens of the world

It is in this spirit that Urumuri centre decided to set up documentation centre in Rwanda .Urumuri Social Centre is a social initiative that strives to promote research, reflection and dialogue on issues pertaining to social, economic and religious experiences of the ordinary population.

The centre pays particular interest on the relevance of integral development in social agenda geared towards the advancement of people’s livelihood. These undertakings are pursued through formation, social support, research and advocacy, and documentation.

In June 2018, the centre received two Jesuit interns who helped in setting up the documentation program by assembling numerous resource materials that the Centre has at its disposal. These materials are in forms religion and interfaith dialogue, social development theories, ethics, and social doctrine of the Church books.

With this facility in place, Urumuri Centre is poised to have a specialized resourceful collection that will help its staffs and collaborators in their search for effective solutions to issues surrounding the people they serve.
The documentation component will also be resourceful to different people who will like to spend some time in the centre for personal research and documentation on matters religion, development and catholic social thought.

Given the geographic location of Urumuri Centre in the City of Kigali, there is no doubt this project will benefit a great number of people especially those belonging to institutions of higher learning in the vicinity. As such, this initiative is an effort that will help in informing public opinion thanks to easy access to resourceful materials that provide adequate and up-to-date analysis of world affairs.

To conclude, Urumuri Centre continues to devise means and methods to engage the Rwandan public in the best ways possible for social transformation and social justice promotion. Social development will see the light of the day, if members of the public from all walks of life come together to embrace the challenge of “the social question” as a common concern that calls for a common response. Therefore, access to information through a platform such as the Urumuri Documentation facility deserves every support for its intended effects of dialogue, empathy, and solidarity.


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