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The Justice and Ecology Office (JEO) of the Jesuit Conference of Africa and Madagascar in collaboration with AEGIS Trust of UK and Rwanda is holding workshop on a learning partnership between the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) and AEGIS Trust within the frame of the Aegis Trust Learning Programme to develop manuals for embedding peace in curricula in Africa. This workshop is taking place at the Kigali Genocide Memorial in Kigali Rwanda on 12th to 16th September 2018.

The aim of this project is to introduce a strategic proposal for mainstreaming peace education, and in this way contribute to the furtherance of peace education in Jesuit Schools across Africa.

Learning partnerships exist within the framework of the Aegis Learning Programme that have successfully been implemented in Rwanda. With an exchange of experiences, practices and methods, this learning partnership we are developing will aim to increase awareness of the variety of Aegis Trust activities existing within the cultural, social and economic sphere. They help to identify areas of common concern and the shared development of methods and approaches to primary and secondary school learning on local, national and Africa levels. The main activity in learning partnerships will be learning mobilities, short-term activities during the four-day Workshop allowing for an exchange of expertise and practices between educators, staff members of Aegis Trust and the Jesuit Justice and Ecology and Education Networks in Africa.


Specifically, this Learning Partnership aims to:

Explore approaches and methodologies in primary and high school education;
Intensify networking and African cooperation and improve educational capacities of Jesuit schools in Africa in the context of learning for peace.
Develop a manual that proposes a coherent understanding of peace education and outlines a strategy for mainstreaming peace education within the Jesuit educational sector
To reach these objectives, the Learning Partnership Workshop and process will involve Jesuit academics and educators and staff members of the Aegis Trust from Rwanda and the United Kingdom. The workshop and entire process of the Learning Partnership will include working meetings and study visits. The study visits will explore aspects of peace education such as youth empowerment, gender equality, human rights and human security, advocacy and networking, arts and creativity, mediation, and a training course on social entrepreneurship.


The Learning Partnership workshop will develop methodologies, approaches, practices and visions on peace education for Jesuit practitioners of high school education. It will do so by presenting a concept of peace education, setting out a strategic approach to mainstreaming peace education and by giving examples of projects and initiatives that have applied peace education practices in Rwanda and different parts of Africa and the even European countries after the World War II.

In this way the workshop will develop a manual to be used in Jesuit schools whose aim will be to provide a framework for peace education in high school learning. This framework is understood as a conceptual proposal to be explored by peace educators and Jesuit school educators engaged in mainstreaming peace education in Africa.

The developed manual will develop the following themes:

What does Learning entail?
Peace and Peace Education
Mainstreaming Peace Education in Practice
Examples of Peace Education Initiatives


Participants of the workshop include Jesuit education network representatives from the Jesuit Provinces and Regions in Sub Saharan Africa, public organizations, relevant policy makers, academia from the Jesuit Hekima Peace Institute and representatives from the Jesuit Social Sector.

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