Training about good governance and citizen participation for 2018 election preparation.

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The mission of the Centre Social Arrupe is to promote research of sustainable solutions to the Malagasy society issues, in favor and with the poor, in the economic, political, sociocultural and ecologic dimensions. The training about good governance and citizen participation for election preparation aims at dealing with sustainable solution in terms of politic and citizenship issues, which also englobes many dimensions as social and economic, etc. Madagascar witnesses crises about every 10 years. This may be due to instability of political system, but also to every citizen responsibilities. Considering this as an important issue to be addressed for the development of the country, the Centre Social Arrupe contributes to empower people about their responsibilities by this training. This training was implemented through the so-called « Academy for Leadership and Good Governance ». Its main objective is to promote a democratic culture and mindset, and to establish a more credible electoral system in which the results will be fully accepted. Furthermore, the objective consists also in participating to all steps of election « before, during, after » to have an election which will be free, transparent, inclusive, credible within the active participation of all the citizens, thus, to ensure peace and stability by the mutual confidence between the elected ones and the people.

The CSA, acting as an organism belonging to the Catholic Church has this opportunity to use the existent structure and organization of the church. This, in the other hand, also ensures the sustainability of the activities and above, this allow our owns to take responsibility in that field. 3 main parts of activities were realized in ALGG platform.

The first one was intended for preparation and sensitization: taking part in the civic and electoral education, in the promotion and citizen participation and in the reinforcement of political and democracy culture. Association and group leaders from the 21 dioceses existing in Madagascar constitute the ALGG team, with the coordination team composed of 11 trainers and 3 technicians. Curriculum of trainings were developed around the theme « Education to citizenship, Leadership and Good Governance », which was used to train the leaders who are afterwards able to run sensitization about elections.

The second activity consists on the training in question. Representatives from all part of Madagascar, the dioceses were present to the training, composed of 63 adults and 72 young people. The training was organized in two steps, the first one for the North Part of the isle, holding on 17th to 21 December 2017 in Antananarivo. The second training concerns those from the South, on 08th to 13th April 2018 in Fianarantsoa. Various topics were discussed as: Communication, Leadership, Society and Culture, Society and institutions, citizenship, Social Teaching of the Church, Sustainable Development Goals, Law and Politics, Elections, Good Governance, Economy, Mentoring / Coaching.

The third and last part is the electoral observation in order to reinforce the credibility of the results: transparency, availability of electors in their choice. Participants of the training were trained to become electoral observers. This training was held recently from 14th to 16th September 2018 at CSA, within representatives from 16 dioceses composed of 24 participants. The topics of that training were about the stakes of the 2018-2019 election in Madagascar, the electoral cycle and the different types of observation, the tasks and responsibilities of the observers, the general rules of electoral observation, the ethics of the observers, fight against violence related to elections… within simulation and case studies. CSA has recently gotten allowance from the CENI – Commission Electorale Nationale Indépendante (Independant National Electoral Committee) to be part of the electoral observation. In addition, many activities of networking were realized with CSA ; among them the KMF/CNOE Conseil National pour l’Organisation des Elections (National Advisor for Election Organization), the CENI, CHOCQUE : platform of civil societies doing lobbying for the proceedings of the elections.

We are now on the eve of a series of elections, starting with the presidential in November 2018. Thus, we hope to take part actively in that organization as explained above, and expect for a fruitful works and results for the country.


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