“Educating at the frontiers ” Fe y Alegría International Congress – Madrid 2018

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Interrogated by the reality we live in, the members of Fe y Alegría are  meeting  to  dialogue about three topics of concern and worry to the Federation: Today’s frontiers / Fe y Alegría as a global movement responding to those frontiers / Global Citizenship. Every two years, directors and delegates representing the different countries where Fe y Alegría members are present  gather in an International Congress, hosted by all members.The 2018 Congress “Fe y Alegría, a global movement. We educate on the Frontiers” is hosted by Entreculturas-Fe y Alegría España. Therefore, it will take place in Madrid between September 28th and October 1st, 2018.

Between September 29th and 30th, people from Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Europe representing more than 22 Fe y Alegría National Offices will meet in El Escorial, Madrid. They will reflect and dialogue about the Congress’ themes, in order to grow as a global movement responding to its challenges

Round-table discussions, inspirational talks, and testimonials will help the attendees to approach the frontiers that are questioning Fe y Alegría to understand how the Federation is responding to this issue as a global movement.

Participants are invited to look at Fe y Alegría’s future with hope. Led by the hand of experts, NGO members, the workshops will reflect on the upcoming opportunities and challenges.

Fe y Alegria aims at bringing  youth’s creativity and sensibility with the experience and wisdom of the international directors of Fe y Alegría, impulsing a dialogue about the challenges of frontiers.

The young members of the Generacion 21+ Network will lead the assistants in a Street Action (which is part of the Network’s mission) and that will be reproduced by its members all over the world. This event will take place at the Casa San Ignacio in Madrid (Calle Geranios, 30).

The Generación 21+ Network is addressed to young men and women from more than 21 different countries, who are motivated to transform the situations that generate violence in its different manifestations.

It is a conscious, critical and committed response that promotes a real and specific change for social transformation.

Its commitment and Focus areas are:

  • Culture of Peace
  • Gender Equality
  • Development of Citizenship Capacities (Global Citizenship)
  • Good quality, inclusive, Popular Education
  • Environmental issues.



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