JCAM -JRS NetworkingMeeting

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The Jesuit Conference Africa and Madagascar (JCAM) Director of Justice and Ecology and the Jesuit Refugee Service Regional Directors held their at Hekima University College ,School of Theology on 11th November 2018. The purpose of the meeting was to explore ways of building a stronger, more coordinated and functional network for migrants and refugees. The following are the Jesuits attended the meeting;Charles Chilufya, S.J. – Director JCAM Justice and Ecology Office,Eric Goeh, S.J. – JRS Regional Director, West Africa,Martin Bahati, S.J. – JRS Regional Director, Great Lakes Region, Endashaw Debrework, JRS Regional Director, East Africa and Tim Smith, JRS Regional Director, Southern Africa.
The Justice and Ecology Office (JEO) embarked on revitalizing its apostolic networks including that of migrants and refugees. One such effort is the need for a stronger migrants and refugees network, which prompted the JCAM Justice and Ecology Director to convene a meeting of all four JRS Regional Directors as a starting point.
The meeting explored ways to build a stronger, more coordinated and working network for migrants and refugees. The meeting also paid attention to one of the concerns that arose from the Conference Delegates and GIAN Leaders meeting in Rome namely that “there is an ambiguity to be clarified between the mandates of JRS and the GIAN Migration Network.