Migration flows from Ethiopia to Europe: A conundrum for the EU?

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In the months of June and July 2018, Jesuit Hakimani Center based in Nairobi, Kenya together with Entreculturas, Spain worked on a short research to assess the impact of the European Union Trust Fund for Africa (EUTF) on migrants and refugees enroute to Europe through Ethiopia.   A significant portion of EUTF has been allocated to the Government of Ethiopia (GoE) given its strategic location in the Horn of Africa (HOA) and given the fact that nearly a million refugees from neighboring countries of South Sudan, Eritrea, Somalia have moved into Ethiopia for refuge.  In addition, a number of Ethiopians have also joined the fray to migrate to Europe, to the Middle East and to South Africa.

The research focused on those migrants and refugees enroute to Europe.  The choice of Ethiopia was significant given the fact that the country has committed to the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework; it has also received a sizeable funding to readmit and reintegrate the returnees and to manage refugees & migrants. The agreements between GoE and the EU raise questions on the rights of migrants and their conditions.

The findings of this research can be found in the following link.


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