I want to be a Journalist

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JRS West Africa

Jacob Mahamat Adam  is twenty-three years old.  He has been studying at the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) Telyani School for six years. He described his experience at the school JRS School as quite fulfilling. Back in his country in Sudan he was teaching in a school.  He finds it difficult to adapt to the Chadian curriculum.  However, he appreciates that fact that is he is learning French at JRS that would help communicate with others. He is a community mobiliser.  This is because he fluent in (English, French and Arabic). This makes communication easier for him. His future dream is to become a journalist. He says, “If I become a journalist I will be able to tell stories that can transform the world and at the same time tell stories of my home country Darfur,” Said Jacob.  He further added that, “Darfur’s situation should be shown to the world by their Sudanese citizens,’’. Journalism is one of the most important things in today’s world as it can be used to unveil the evils going on in our world today.

He is grateful to JRS West Africa because he is being empowered to achieve his dreams

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