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EAI International Upcoming Conference on Technology, R&D, Education and Economy for Africa (TREE for Africa 2019), sponsored by the Jesuit University Institute (CERAP/IDDH) and the African Institute for Scientific Information (AIScI). TREE 2019 is taking place in Korhogo, Côte d’Ivoire, with the full support and sponsorship of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Côte d’Ivoire Tourism (CT)and of the local scientific community, namely the Académie des Sciences des Arts, des Cultures d’Afrique et des Diasporas Africaines
Africa is a land of paradox. While the continent has very substantial reserves of arable land, water, hydropower and mineral wealth, most countries in Africa rank among the poorest in the world and African economies are plagued with high unemployment and poverty rate. At reflection, such a situation is understandable once one realizes that in the current knowledge economy what matters is no longer raw material but knowledge that creates value. Given this, the Technology, R&D, Education and Economy (TREE) Conferences aim at providing a space for an Africa centered international debate about how science and technology could bring about sustainable development through relevant education. TREE is an interdisciplinary conference that favors empirical research and mathematical model building for sustainable development. Although the primary focus of the conference is the sustainable development and prosperity for Africa, best practices from other parts of the world are most welcome as a way to enrich the debate.

TREE explores how innovation helps create added value and insures development and how African countries can build on traditional knowledge in various sectors to develop frugal innovation: in agriculture, health and medicine, nutrition, arts, handicraft, etc.

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