The Africa we want Round table

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The Jesuit conference for Africa and Madagascar (JCAM) Justice and Ecology Office in Partnership with the Rwanda Religious Leaders Forum (RRLF) and other likeminded youth organization from the East Africa Community region such as the Africa Youth Trust and other youth organizations of Rwanda, such as the Institute for peace and conflict Transformation, Never Again Rwanda, AJEPRODHO, want to convene in Kigali Rwanda , a Panafrican youth roundtable summit which shall bring over 250 youth from all over the continent, and 5 youth ministers representing the four regional blocks of the African continent and Rwanda (the host), to discuss on the involvement of the youth in the leadership and affairs of the continent reflecting on the theme Africa we want.
This round table youth summit will be preceded with an online youth competition on writing essays under the theme of “The Africa we want”.   The roundtable summit will also be preceded by a session of convening and training on leadership and youth responsibilities. Youth participants to the summit will be discussing with the youth ministers on what they want their involvement to be like in the management and affairs of their countries. The last day of the round table will be honored by the closing ceremony, where winners of the competition Africa we want will be awarded by a representative from the Rwanda government.
General Objectives
The overall objective of the roundtable is to empower young people in Africa with leadership skills that will make them collaborate to change themselves and their continent for the better”.
Specific objectives
i. Enhance the participants’ sense of call, purpose, values, ethics, responsibility and passion to lead for service
ii. Nurture a generation of pan-Africanists to live with the values of unity, Ubuntu and solidarity
iii. Enhance the leadership capacity among young people for people-centered community engagement and service
iv. Increase the space for young people’s active citizenship and social involvement at grassroots level
v. Promote and support youth efforts for peace building, conflict prevention and transformation in their communities
Expected outcomes
Young people to have a common understanding of challenges of the continent
Broad understanding of their role and responsibilities on their continent
Writing of the youth charter of Africa we want
Visit of the Kigali genocide memorial and make a Peace march to denounce the genocide against Tutsi and calling for peace and unity in other places of the continent
Press conference

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