Stakeholder dialogue on agriculture value addition and manufacturing

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As the Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection, had the honor of hosting a dialogue meeting to discuss Agriculture Value Addition and Manufacturing. The meeting was held at Cresta Golf View Hotel, Zambia with several stakeholders in attendance. Among them was The Ministry of Agriculture, Food Reserve Agency, , Kasisi Agricultural Training Centre, CSO SUN CSPR Zambia, Centre for Trade Policy and Development, ZIPAR, Indaba Agricultural Policy Research Institute, CAFOD, University of Zambia, Southern Africa Cross Border Traders Association-SACBTA and Consumer Unity Trust Society – CUTS Lusaka
The meeting was looking at how we can promote value addition and manufacturing in agricultural sector, recognizing that agriculture and manufacturing if harnessed has the potential to contribute heavily to National development.
Some recommendations made were the need to enhance knowledge levels in the agricultural sector, and the need to promote and enhance product certification and quality. And most importantly to support local innovation

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