Adopting triple helix approach

Technological Catch up Briefly explain what “Technological Catch-Up” approach is ? F. Kaboré: We are in a world of the knowledge economy and I will quote from the CAMES 2015-2019 strategic plan which says: “Economic development, once depended on the abundance of natural resources or the availability of cheap and low-skilled labor. It is now […]


With a regional office in Yaoundé, JRS West Africa has been present in Chad since 2006, Central African Republic since 2009, Cameroon since 2015, and began its recent operations in Nigeria in 2018. Jesuit Refugee Service West Africa serves nearly 14,900 displaced people in Central African Republic (CAR), 10,439 people who fled from CAR to […]

Driving social change through Radio

The Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection JCTR Social and Economic Development (SED) programme, works to ensure the improved lives of people and one way we do so is promotion of accountability and transparency with public financing. We also ensure policies favor the needs of the people and their economic development. Participating in a live radio […]

Hope and the South Africa Jesuit Refugee Service commitment

Article by Tim Smith  and Irene Galera -JRS South Africa Fleeing to another country is an act of hope. Hope to find safety, Hope to find a place to live. Yet, migration requires strength and determination, especially when forced. Our current world, split by borders, often vilifies those who leave their homes behind – crossing […]

Strengthening the conviction that we are one single human family

The Mediterranean Sea as a frontier and a graveyard may not dominate the news cycle as much as it did a few years ago. However, even as the media drags our collective gaze elsewhere, the great migration and its attendant costs continue unabated. As the ecological crisis in its various manifestations creates conditions of peril […]

In the frontlines: Encountering and learning from the Poor

  Jesuit Refugee Service mission in Maban, Upper Nile State as from its motto is to Accompany, Advocate and Serve refugees, internally displaced people and to a certain extent the host community. At the heart of this serve is the firm commitment of walking accompanying and advocating for the anawims “the poor of Yahweh.” The […]


1. LES JEUNES ET LES PAUVRES SONT SOUVENT EXCLUS DES FORUMS SUR L’ENVIRONNEMENT…. J’ai pris part à la 4ème assemblée des Nations Unies sur l’environnement qui a eu lieu à Nairobi, au Kenya, du 4 au 15 mars 2019. Les jeunes et les pauvres étaient, à mon avis, les moins représentés dans ce forum de […]

Amplifying Pope Francis’s message to be heard by young people and the Poor.

Laudato si and the safeguard of our Common Home Amplifying Pope Francis’s message to be heard by young people and the Poor. 1. Young people and the poor are often excluded from environment issues I took part in the 4th United Nations Environment Assembly held in Nairobi, Kenya from March 4 to 15, 2019. In […]

The Unfinished Business of African Freedom

During this year’s celebration of African Freedom Day, the African Union set itself to celebrate some landmark achievements of the Union on various issues such as peace and security, continental integration, women and youth empowerment, eradication of diseases, inter alia. The celebration was also used to reflect on the Union’s transformation and achievements and also […]

The Unfreedom of Poverty: The Knowledge Perspectives

A major area of lack of freedom in Africa is the injustice of poverty. Poverty deprives various sections of the African population of the freedom to be and have what they want. Why do we have so much poverty in the midst of abundance in Africa? Africa is blessed with substantial reserves of arable land, […]