4 Concerns of Universal Apostolic Preferences

Speaking in South Africa, Fr Xavier Jeyaraj, SJ  focused on what his role as the advisor of Fr General entails, that is simply to help father general understand where the society is, with regard to the works of social justice, economic, political and ecology justice in the world. He highlighted on 4 main concerns on what […]

Leveraging Ignatian Spirituality for Leadership Development

Justice and Ecology Network Africa has developed a program dubbed purpose-driven leadership development Programme (PLDP). This program is unique because it is anchored on the Ignatian Spirituality. The programme is designed for young people to introduce and explore concepts of purposeful, passionate, responsible and ethical leadership. The Spirituality-Leadership Nexus: Latest research shows that, today’s best […]

Stakeholder dialogue on agriculture value addition and manufacturing

As the Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection, had the honor of hosting a dialogue meeting to discuss Agriculture Value Addition and Manufacturing. The meeting was held at Cresta Golf View Hotel, Zambia with several stakeholders in attendance. Among them was The Ministry of Agriculture, Food Reserve Agency, , Kasisi Agricultural Training Centre, CSO SUN CSPR […]

Anti-tuberculosis service for a world free of tuberculosis- By Servize Yesu Mwiza

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease caused by a contagious mycobacterium (Bacillus Koch), which is transmitted by air from a sick person to a healthy individual. The bacteria that cause TB is spread through the air from person to person when a person with TB disease coughs, speaks, or sings. The risk of transmission is related […]

The law and the migrant – what ought we to do?

Prominent stories and images in the media last month force us to consider our ethical obligations in the face of the present migration crisis. The news on the weekend of the 6-7 July reports a rescue boat saving 49 migrants, and docking in at Lampedusa in defiance of the Italian government and its Navy. Does […]

Leadership and governance: Some lessons from Algeria and Sudan

Algeria and Sudan have one thing in common that happened recently, both their populations went to the streets to dismiss their presidents: Adelaziz Bouteflika of Algeria and Omar Al-Bashir of Sudan. So can we ask; why the elections, if the results can be nullified through street demonstrations? In Sudan, high cost of living, in a […]

The Benefits of Walking -by Peter Knox SJ

Two days ago, the rector circulated a WhatsApp clip about the benefits of walking. Apparently all kinds of health advantages are associated with walking: reduced risk of multiple types of cancers – for men and women; improved muscle tone and bone density; better digestion; better chemistry; etc., etc. Humans have evolved as biped mammals to […]

Adopting triple helix approach

Technological Catch up Briefly explain what “Technological Catch-Up” approach is ? F. Kaboré: We are in a world of the knowledge economy and I will quote from the CAMES 2015-2019 strategic plan which says: “Economic development, once depended on the abundance of natural resources or the availability of cheap and low-skilled labor. It is now […]


With a regional office in Yaoundé, JRS West Africa has been present in Chad since 2006, Central African Republic since 2009, Cameroon since 2015, and began its recent operations in Nigeria in 2018. Jesuit Refugee Service West Africa serves nearly 14,900 displaced people in Central African Republic (CAR), 10,439 people who fled from CAR to […]

Driving social change through Radio

The Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection JCTR Social and Economic Development (SED) programme, works to ensure the improved lives of people and one way we do so is promotion of accountability and transparency with public financing. We also ensure policies favor the needs of the people and their economic development. Participating in a live radio […]