Rationale for JENA

We formed the JENA for the following seven interconnected reasons:


a) Networking: To create a web of Jesuit organisations, scholars and activists passionate and committed to fostering development, justice, peace and ecological regeneration. It is envisaged that this network will facilitate the establishment, extension, and strengthening of connections and relations among such organisations, scholars and activists from all over Africa, the world, across national and cultural boundaries and age barriers. It will help to enhance and realise the plans and proposals of projects for a better Africa and provide a home for these projects.


To form an interconnected group or association or union of such Jesuit organisations, scholars and activists. We believe in the strength in numbers. That we will be more dynamic, prolific, and effective working together as a group than individually or separately..


To bring together Jesuit organisations, scholars and activists with different skills, talents, experiences, and knowledges to complement each other in carrying out projects and activities.


To promote collaboration on projects and activities among likeminded people who share common values (respect for human dignity, option for the poor, common good, egalitarianism, cooperation, inclusive, and culturally and ecologically sensitive) and vision.


To facilitate the sharing of resources, infrastructure (such as the web), knowledge, and track record (the accomplishment of a JENA member or group will serve to augment the track record of the whole Network).


Through such collaboration and sharing, we envisage that the Network will nurture a strong sense of mutuality among its members. This is manifested in members supporting, assisting, encouraging, inspiring and enhancing each other’s projects and activities for the benefit of everyone in the network as well as other stakeholders. On a voluntary basis, members’ work collaboratively on carrying out the tasks of the network such as coordination, communication, promotion, advocacy, meetings/conferences, networking with other groups and organisations and even things like web design and maintenance.


To foster a strong sense of solidarity among members of JENA. We work to strengthen the ties and relations among the members to create something like a close-knit family, with a unique and shared identity embracing the vision and values of JENA. We will then transform the house of JENA into a home for members and their projects to build a poverty free, just, peaceful and ecologically regenerative Africa.