Climate Justice and Food Security

JENA will seek to achieve the following objectives under this thematic:

  • Improved awareness and understanding around local climate change vulnerabilities and impacts, and mechanisms to enable greater engagement with like-minded external actors to adapt to these vulnerabilities and impacts
  • Increased contribution to systemic changes with regards to national and international development policies and strategies that enhance community resilience to climate-related events and changes
  • Increased understanding of the context of the communities under which the research is conducted
  • Increased knowledge, skills and competencies of local adaptation team members trained in planning and conducting survey research for collecting data necessary for establishing adaptation coalitions
  • Increased understanding of the types and nature of the community capitals present in the community, including local vulnerabilities and impacts of climate change
  • Increased availability of primary data and information from the communities and potential partners necessary for establishing adaptation coalitions
  • Increased understanding of specific issues about vulnerabilities and impacts of climate change, and potential external actors to partner with in forming adaptation coalitions
  • Increased understanding by the community members of specific climate change vulnerabilities and impacts affecting their well-being, and the potential community based actions to address the problem(s)
  • Enhanced collaboration between external partners and the local community for joint planning and execution of adaptation coalition activities