Peace, Security and Sustainable Development

A. Great Lakes Region

During the period 2019-2023 JENA will specifically focus on:

  • Promoting the role of the religious leaders, the local Church and civil society in promoting the engagement of citizens, especially women in peace, security and conflict prevention at regional and national level;
  • Promoting political participation and the protection and promotion of political and civil rights and freedoms, particularly in the pre and post electoral context;
  • Leveraging the political role of the AU and member governments to speak out against abuses and exert diplomatic pressure on the Great Lakes region leaders who do not comply with their international and bilateral obligations;

B. Conflict Minerals

During 2019-2023 in JENA will undertake research and do work that will follow up on:

  • Implementation of the Conflict Mineral regulation both at the European level and at the level of member states;
  • Implementation of the accompanying measures to the conflict mineral regulation.

C. Migration and Refugees

  • JENA will assess the protection situation of undocumented migrants in major migrant destination cities of Africa’
  • Design and implement a program for social enterprises that serve or are led by migrants, refugees, and human trafficking survivors.

D. Mediterranean Crisis

  • Advocate for just migration and asylum policies in the European Union promoting the dignity of each person, including victims of human trafficking.
  • Undertake and encourage further research into the root causes of migration
  • Promote global responsibility and action as the only viable response to this humanitarian tragedy.
  • Call on the AU to play its role in addressing this crisis