Responsible Business and Corporate Accountability

JENA will seek to achieve the following objectives between 2019 and 2023:

  • Mainstream Approach

Influence the global agenda in this field towards recognising the need for greater social justice as far as business is concerned

  • Develop one or two corporate accountability and watchdog programmes, including monitoring of private sector practices and their impact on local communities.
  • Build strategic alliances with key players, and develop a profile as an actor alongside the UN, governments and private sector actors
  • Achieve a clear positioning of JENA as an important player in corporate accountability – globally as well as in a number of selected countries.
  • Develop enough experience, evidence and insights to have a coherent view and strategy JENA can refer to in its dealings with companies and other organisations.
  • Document key learnings and evaluated the theory of change
  • Formation and Accompaniment of Business Leaders
  • We develop programmes of training and formation for business leaders across the continent
  • Develop programmes in responsible and ethical leadership with a focus on spirituality, development of spirituality, personal and transpersonal development, business leadership, sense-making
  • Organise workshops and roundtable discussions for business leaders and organisations around the themes of spirituality and business leadership, science and spirituality, new paradigms for business leaders, spirituality and the probable implications for business in the twenty-first century